Facts & Myths about Epilepsy (Epilepsy Treatment In Siliguri)

Epilepsy Treatment In Siliguri
Epilepsy Treatment In Siliguri

Epilepsy is a form of spiritual possession.

Although most people have recognized that epilepsy is not a form of possession, some cultures still believe this. Epilepsy organizations are working hard to educate all people that epilepsy is a medical condition.

You can swallow your tongue during a seizure.

It is physically impossible to swallow your tongue.

  • You should force something into the mouth of someone having a seizure. Absolutely not! While doing that you may break your teeth, puncture gums,or even break someone’s jaw. The first aid is ,gently roll the person on one side and put something soft under his or head for protection from injury.
  • You should restrain someone having a seizure. You should never use restraint! The seizure will run its course, and you cannot stop it.
  • Epilepsy is contagious. It is false. Itcannot be ‘caught’ by coming into contact with someone who has seizures .
  • Only kids get epilepsy. Epilepsy happens to people over age 65 almost as often as it does to children age 10 and under. Seizures in the elderly are often the after effect of other health issues like stroke and heart disease.
  • People with epilepsy are disabled and can’t work. People with epilepsy have the same range of abilities and intelligence as the rest of us. Some have severe seizures and cannot work; others are successful and productive in challenging careers.
  • People with epilepsy shouldn’t be in jobs of responsibility and stress. People with seizure disorders are found in all walks of life and at all levels in business, government, the arts and other professions. We aren’t aware of them because many people, even today, do not talk about having epilepsy for fear of what others might think.

If I have epilepsy, can I exercise and play sports?

Exercise is rarely a “trigger” for seizure activity. In fact regular exercise may improve seizure control. Safely playing sports can also be great for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


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